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Email support is a parallel communication channel where both the customer and assistant should be present to resolve the customer’s question or concerns for the specific product or service. Email support is one of the main channels of customer support for most of the companies currently.

You mostly reach out to brands through email they send you regarding their product or goods or any other business detail. The email support is available to both paid and non-paid users. For users having the paid email support get more benefits compared to non-paid users. 

Email support is given in many mail portals like Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, AOL, AT&,, and many others.


Pros and cons of Paid and Non-paid Email support

Non-paid email support

  • The non-paid service means that you do not commit particular email support you can switch any time to another provider.
  • It provides you with storage support which is usually enough to satisfy the needs of the individual and even small businesses.
  • On the other hand, the non-paid email provides you the weaker security than the security offered by paid email support.
  • It also gives you lots of ads and banners that might be irritating to you.
  • You will also have less cloud storage space.
  • But non-paid email support is a great option for individuals who don’t own any businesses, brands, or websites. 

Paid email support

  • Big companies, brands and website holders usually need more features then what a non-paid email support provider offers. So you will get what you have paid for. In paid email support you get more benefits that will help you to grow. 
  • It also provides you full technical support which is mostly needed for Professionals.
  • Paid email also provides their user with two extra features that are POP3 Access and IMAP Access. POP3 allows you to view new mail and download then and read them afterward when you don’t have internet access available. IMAP Access provides access to your mails from remote servers and locations and also to save the sent and received mail which is very helpful in big business deals.


Difference between Paid and non-paid emails support

Both email support is beneficial in their ways. Like the Free email support for being free and paid one for having extra features. 

  • Privacy 

Paid email and non-paid email both provide you the privacy but in non-paid email, your privacy is not guaranteed whereas in paid email support you have your privacy with you.

  • Accessibility

In paid email support the accessibility is not that easy if you have chosen a very cheap paid email support as in non-paid email support like Gmail, outlook, office let you sync in easily. So before getting a paid email service just check if it’s all covered or not.   

  • Branding

In branding, the paid email support provides you a lot more benefits than free email services like if your customers reach you out through your customized email address then it will leave a better impression of your company or brand. One the other hand non-paid email support doesn’t have this benefit.

  • Compatibility

If you choose a paid email service then it must be compatible with other businesses too. Like if you have a Gmail and you invite someone from who doesn’t use Gmail then it won’t give them a proper invitation. So compare every Paid email service before purchasing it.

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